Member System

Member preferential system

Welcome to Icebobo, we have developed a membership system, and every action of you will bring you even greater discounts. I wish you a happy shopping in advance.

1.Ways to Obtain Member Points

  1.  Share with friends to earn 10 points
  2.  Friends complete registration and get 20 points
  3.  Place an order : Spend $1 = 1 points

2.Redeem your points for coupons

  1. $10 off (Order over $30): Spend 100 points.
  2. $20 off (Order over $60): Spend 180 points.

3.Member invitation offer

  1. Share with friends: Both will receive a $1 no-threshold coupon
  2. The friend completes the order: Both will receive a $5 no-threshold coupon